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Fitness Director 

NASM-CPT,  NASM- Women's Fitness Specialist, TRX-FTC, Pre & Post-Natal Fitness Proficient, Strength & Conditioning Coach 

The benefits of exercise on the mind and the body are innumerable. Avid exercisers know this well, making their time in the gym pleasurable and not a punishment. Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision to embrace fitness as a lifestyle; but that challenge passes quickly.  Before long, the magic of physical fitness is the part of your day you look forward to the most. Assisting other people in achieving this reality is my dream job. I love creating routines exclusively for each of my clients, coaching them through every movement, and watching their lives transform.

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 Pro Trainer

NASM-CPT, Movement Specialist, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Flexibility & Mobility Expert, Weight Loss Coach

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery, complex and ever-evolving.  It requires an extraordinary amount of effort to alter and maintain.  As a personal trainer, it is my job to improve body mechanics by identifying movement pattern deficiencies and creating programs that correct the underlying causes. My approach addresses the need for strength, stability, and mobility to improve the overall functionality of our movements.  My clients learn how to move efficiently from the ground up, and in turn, achieve their goals faster and safer.



 Pro Trainer

NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Dini is a NASM certified personal trainer and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.  He has 13 years of experience in the fitness industry and has completed 10,000+ sessions specializing in functional training.  Dini is passionate about motivating and inspiring people to push their boundaries and look at fitness as a lifestyle rather than a chore.  When he’s not in the gym training or working out himself, Dini enjoys playing basketball and reading for pleasure.

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