Here at Quest Performance Training Center, we are focused on helping you achieve & exceed your fitness goals. Our mantra is exercising with a purpose. We believe moving better through safe, fun, & effective exercise programs will help you live longer! It is our mission to deliver an exceptional fitness experience through properly implementing exercise protocols by trained, credentialed, fitness professionals.​
  • Classes must be reserved in order to attend. 
  • Mask must be worn at all times. 
  • You can reserve up to 2 days in advance. 
  • Limit to 6 people per class, to meet social distancing guidelines. 
  • Team Training is open to anyone with class privileges, 30 Day Trials, PT Client, or SGT Member. 
  • Small Group is open to any SGT Member, 30 day trial or PT Client.
  • Please bring your own mat for Pilates & Yoga. 
  • Waitlist - call the club and ask to be put on the waitlist. MUST leave a cell number where we can call to confirm a spot. If there is no answer, we will move to the next person on the list.


Step Performance

Step on in and enjoy this fusion class utilizing strength based exercises while also challenging the cardiovascular system. Each class will couple strength exercises with traditional Step moves to ensure your body is put in an environment to simultaneously promote soft tissue adaptation and cardiovascular output!


Rev those internal engines and be ready to move. Full-throttle is a no-holds-barred high cardiac output class designed to get you moving and keep you moving. Classes will include some external loading variables(Ex:Kettlebells, sandbags, etc) but the focus is on aerobic movement, and lots of it!


Our branded strength class will challenge you in a multitude of ways. Program based, Q-Force is intended to teach you the principles of strength training while expanding your comfort level with various external loading variables(Ex: Kettlebells, bands, dumbbells, barbells, etc). Build your strength and feel confident enough to show case it throughout the rest of the gym.


Navigate fitness holistically by combining strength, cardio, core, and mobility. Find your foundation and progress through a multi-tiered program. Each journey is unique, define yours, and level up!


This mat workout is based on techniques which include concentrated work on core strength, body alignment and muscular balance. The overall goal of Pilates is to lengthen and tone the muscles of the core without adding bulk.

Yoga Options

Deirdre – This is a format designed for all fitness levels. A fusion of traditional yoga principles, emphasizing alignment, breathing, and proper movement patterns. The goal is an insightful yoga experience with an inspirational flow combining challenging poses, smooth transitions, and restorative postures. Whether a student comes to yoga to improve strength and flexibility, learn relaxation techniques for stress or help relieve chronic aches and pains, Deirdre’s class offers everyone a chance to tap into their true potential. 

Danielle – Try Danielle’s Power Vinyasa Yoga class. This is a faster pace vinyasa flow class that combines breath with movement in a more aerobic yoga discipline. Students will be introduced to more advanced balances and poses. This class is recommended for students who have a regular yoga practice or students looking to advance their practice.



Our new ICG bikes enhance coaching and optimize results. Come try an indoor cycling class where the Coach by Color® format promotes optimum performance through world class technology and individualized programming. Your bike will operate relative to your personal fitness level and your energy output will be measured by power, the king of data! This allows for better goal achievement and more efficient cycling.