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Here at Q Performance Training Center, we are focused on helping you achieve & exceed your fitness goals. Our mantra is exercising with a purpose. We believe moving better through safe, fun, & effective exercise programs will help you live longer! It is our mission to deliver an exceptional fitness experience through properly implementing exercise protocols by trained, credentialed, fitness professionals.​
  • Classes must be reserved in order to attend. 
  • You can reserve up to 2 days in advance. 
  • Team Training is open to anyone with class privileges. Non-class memberships can purchase a class pass for $10 a class.
  • Wait list - call the club and ask to be put on the wait list. MUST leave a cell number where we can call to confirm a spot. If there is no answer, we will move to the next person on the list.




BODYPUMP is a fast-paced, barbell-based workout that's specifically designed to help you get lean, toned and fit.  It uses a combination of motivating music, fantastic instructors and scientifically proven moves to help you achieve these targets more quickly than you would working out on y our own.

Build and Burn 

This efficient 30-minute class blends intervals of weight training with bouts of aerobic exercise to rev your metabolism and keep your muscles, and mind, firing on all cylinders.  Quick transitions between challenging exercises will achieve the high heart rate you want to torch calories.


Brand new to our schedule! This 30-minute circuit training class utilizes multiple pieces of equipment each week.  It is designed to get your heart BEATING across all training zones through various levels of intensity, leaving the class feeling successful and BEAT!

Combat and Core

Traditional cardio kickboxing exercises with integrated abdominal work makes for a demanding and exciting hour of exercise.  No prior knowledge or kickboxing experience is required, all fitness levels are welcome!

Beginner Strength Training

If you are new to the club, or new to resistance training, this 30-minute class is perfect for you! Practice basic, yet essential exercises to target different muscles while correcting and perfecting your lifting technique. No experience required!

Growing the Glutes

30 minutes dedicated to building your backside; get ready to squat, lunge, bridge and thrust your way to superior posterior chain. Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance loops and stability balls are just some of the devices that will be incorporated into class.

Hard Core

It all starts with the core! This half hour class targets the midsection from all angles using bodyweight and additional variables for more resistance, as well. If you want to lift heavy, run fast or jump high, none of that is possible without a sound core!


Work to your absolute max and then get out. Prepare to be challenged with short bursts of powerful exercises and brief recovery times. 30 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) will leave you gasping for air and dripping in sweat- that means you did it right! 

Kettlebell Killer

The name says it all; 30 minutes of an intense kettlebell routine will fire up your cardiovascular system and challenge your endurance. Routines can be modified to fit all fitness levels, no excuses not to join!

Long and Lean

Think of it as a “barre-less” barre class with no shoes required! This class implements the use of light resistance and high reps with a focus on integrating the core in every single movement. No running or jumping, just fluid movements that will make you sweat and still feel long and lean!

Mobilize and Revitalize

Reduce your risk for injury and potential for developing muscle knots in this class designed to stretch your muscles and improve your body’s mobility.  The use of flexible props allows the musculoskeletal system to increase the range of motion and movements that it can perform. This is an integral component of any safe, comprehensive fitness regime.

Performance Step

This fusion class alternates strength exercises with cardio segments on the step. Each class couples athletic step choreography and muscular weight training. This is the perfect class if you are looking for an equal blend of steady-state cardio and strength training!

Super Strength

Want to see a change in your body? Change your routine! Steadily increase the weight and number of repetitions you lift in this class focused on strength development. Avoid the dreaded “plateau” by challenging yourself weekly with routines created by certified trainers. 60 minutes of muscular training will leave you spent, sweaty and strong.

Stretch and Soothe

This 30-minute class is a great add-on to the end of your strength-training workout. Show some love to your muscles with a serie  of movements to elongate your limbs and calm your nervous system.  No experience necessary.


Tread and Shred

This hybrid class is split between cardiovascular training on reserved treadmills and hypertrophy of a specific muscle group that varies weekly. Improve your gait, range of motion and cardiorespiratory fitness with intervals on the treadmill. Then, work toward muscular endurance with concentrated resistance exercises to fatigue the targeted muscle group of the week.

TRX-STC (Suspension Training Class)

The use of your own bodyweight on the TRX Suspension Trainer is the means of your workout in this class for all fitness levels. Easily increase or decrease your workload with simple stance variations and strap adjustments. The TRX allows for work in all planes of motion for all muscle groups. Improve endurance and muscle tone by working against your own bodyweight.

TRX ‘N Turf 

This non-traditional circuit training class piques your brain and pumps your heart. Physical training including the Suspension Trainer (TRX) and non-traditional equipment like battle ropes, tires, and sleds push you miles away from a comfort zone.

Turf Wars

This pulse-pumping class takes place front and center on the turf. Using tires, sleds, sandbags, battle ropes and kettlebells, participants will battle and challenge each other to push harder, lift heavier and run faster. 

Upper Body: Push-Pull

This 30-minute upper-body strength class is the perfect complement to Growing the Glutes. This half hour of exercise is devoted to your chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Various pieces of equipment are used to achieve the resistance necessary to build muscular endurance.


Bootcamp Burn 

Don’t worry, it’s more bark than bite! No crawling in the trenches or scaling walls, but be prepared to WORK!  Arrive with the mindset of a champion, grit your teeth and enjoy the endorphin rush that comes from functional training with different equipment at a steady pace for an hour.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable while becoming powerful and strong!

Full Body Burnout

The name says it all! Fatigue the body, muscle group by muscle group, until your tank is empty. Spend 5-6 consecutive minutes targeting one area before a brief rest, and then exhaust the next muscle group. We use a wide variety of equipment to keep the focus on one body part at a time with an array of exercises.

Sprint and Slay

Can’t decide between a run on the treadmill or a functional full body challenge? Do them both! Tread and Shred pairs with Turf Wars for this awesome hour workout. Complete drills on the treadmill followed by a fun and friendly competition with non-traditional equipment on the turf.


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