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"I train with Keirnan Ryan at Q Performance 3 times per week.  I have worked with Keirnan in the past & his knowledge truly sets him apart from the average trainer.  He has mapped out a fitness plan for me which is based on my ability & needs.  The results are phenomenal & there's great satisfaction in achieving my goals.  

I am also very pleased with Q Performance.  The club is immaculate & very well-equipped.  The atmosphere is very calm & welcoming with serious clientele & very professional staff.  The combination of a top trainer & a great fitness center is a win-win!!!"

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Dear Keirnan,


I have no words to thank you!  Thanks for all your support and patience. You helped to change not only my body, but my persistence, discipline and mindset.  I feel better than I ever felt before! Most importantly, thank you for increasing my self-esteem.  I will see you soon!


Con carino,



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FIVE STARS!! I started my fitness journey with Stephanie a year ago and I am so happy I did. She takes the time to understand my long-term goals and pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. I look forward to our sessions every week. Definitely a client for life!


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Working with Stephanie has truly been a transformative experience on my fitness journey. Her unparalleled expertise, unwavering dedication, and constant support have propelled me to attain goals I once deemed unreachable. Stephanie's profound understanding of my unique exercise requirements shines through in her meticulously crafted, personalized workouts, driving me to achieve remarkable progress. Her motivational prowess is exceptional, providing that extra push that keeps me consistently engaged and genuinely excited for each session. It's abundantly clear that Stephanie deeply cares about my well-being and success, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the profoundly positive impact she has had on my life. I wholeheartedly and emphatically recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking to not only transform their fitness but also enhance their overall health and well-being

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I have been training with Stephanie every week for a little over a year now. I am older so aside from wanting to shape up my body I also wanted to work on building strength and flexibility. In a year I have experienced a good change in my body shape, gained strength in my muscles and have increased my flexibility substantially. Aside from being conscious of any physical limitations I might have, Stephanie is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable about the human anatomy. Every week my exercises are different, but all focused on my problem areas OR an area of my body that I particularly want to focus on. I am grateful to Stephanie and very, very happy with the way my body has responded to the work we do in our weekly sessions.


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I’ve been training with Keirnan for more than a year and I  enjoy his methods. He knows my limitations but pushes me to do better to achieve my goals. His knowledge about safety and proper use of equipment is very important to me due to some health issues and my age. I appreciate that he caters and listens to what I can and cannot do. 

Thanks Keirnan!


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My thought process in beginning my fitness journey a year ago was to find a trainer who would help me get stronger, leaner, and healthier at my age (50’s). I also needed to reprogram my body on not only how to workout properly - lifting weights and using the machines without causing any injuries - but also how to eat smarter.  


Keirnan was just what I needed to fulfill my goals. He’s knowledgeable, and he backs it up; a bachelor’s in Exercise Science, multiple certifications in EXOS and NASM, and a background in Sports Training and Sports Nutrition. 


But more importantly, I look forward to working out with him. He pushes me to my limits, he makes it fun, and the proof is in the pudding as they say - I’ve done a complete 180, both physically and mentally from entering those doors 1 year ago. And thanks to Keirnan’s training regime, I was able to complete my first marathon - The Brooklyn Half Marathon back in May!

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I train once a week with Stephanie Krupa at Q-Performance Training Center, and she is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Stephanie helped me define my fitness goals, and then she put together a program that she tracks to ensure I am progressing. She is a positive and enthusiastic coach with endless new ideas for workouts.

The gym itself is well-equipped and feels like a genuine place to work out, as opposed to an Equinox, which seems overly manicured for a gym. Q-Performance is a great place to train, and the members seem serious and courteous.

I highly recommend Q-Performance for people in the area who are serious about fitness and looking for a local gym.


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Training with Dini has been a great experience and extremely beneficial. I originally approached the Q-performance team to work on my leg day exercises and they have gone above and beyond to help me. I was never too comfortable with squats or deadlifts but after working with Dini I feel more confident in my form and overall movements. 


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